Monday, December 12, 2011


Want to give a gift to your clients this year that will keep them thinking about your business all year next year?

Then Order: Custom CD CASE CALENDARS.

These small calendars fit neatly on a desk and the CD case becomes the stand for the calendars pages.

Upload custom artwork for your CD Case Calendars, or simply use our template and upload your own custom month images.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ITS HERE! Pocketbook 2.0

ITS HERE! Pocketbook 2.0 in now available for download on the App Store!

What's New in Version 2.0
• You can now view Ads and a map of matching search results
• Vast improvements in speed across the entire app
• Improved search result relevance and search speed
• Numerous Bug Fixes
Learn more, read reviews, and download PocketBook by MobileGenius, LLC on the iTunes App Store.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carr Printing looking for artist...
We at Carr Printing produce high quality art prints at great prices.
Ask for Blake Palmer or Craig Carr 801.295.2321

Monday, January 18, 2010


The Davis County Directory iPhone App is NOW AVAILABLE! Search for "PocketBook" in the iPhone App Store! Also visit for more information!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Davis County Directory iPhone App!

The well know and used Davis County Directory will soon be coming to the iPhone App Store! This new App will be release sometime in November 2009! To become notified of the Free App Release, Go To:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carr Printing Co. Launches New Website!

Last month Carr Printing Co. launched their long awaited website. This new website has several new features that will make placing orders and receiving custom quotes much easier.

Some of the new features that Carr Printing Co. has included in the new website are: An instant Price Calculator, Online Product Ordering, Pay Online using Paypal, Corporate Gateways, and much more.

The Instant Price Calculator:

The New Instant Price Calculator is a long awaited feature Carr Printing Co. has included on the new website. Each Product has its own unique Price Calculator that allows a customer to select from the standard options for that product and receive an instant price quote. If an option is not show in the Price Calculator that a customer would like, the customer still has the ability to Request a Custom Quote.

Using the Price Calculator is simple. The customer selects the options they would like for that product by using the drop down menus. The Price Calculator also allows the customer to upload their file(s). By clicking the "Add to Cart" button the customer can then order the product and pay for it online. The order will be submitted to Carr Printing Co. The necessary prepress work will be performed and a PDF proof will then be sent to the customer. The customer can then approve or request changes be made. (Note: If changes are requested there may be additional charges added to the order.) Upon receiving approval from the customer, Carr Printing Co. will produce the job according to the time selected by the user in the Price Calculator.

Corporate Gateways:

Corporate Gateways are a means by which a customer can easily order products that are ordered frequently. If you are a customer that has products such as Business Cards or Letterheads that are ordered often, you will definitely want to consider becoming a Corporate Gateway Customer. Carr Printing Co. will create your own custom Online store where you or even your customers can order printed products from. Your products can also be created as a template. A template allows you to simply enter in the desired information into an online form and when you are done the template will apply all of that information into the product. For example: You order your Business cards often and want a simple way of ordering them. Carr Printing Co. will create you a custom online store and add your business cards as a template product. All you do is login and select the business card from the list of your online products. Then type in your name and other information that particular product requires and then you click "Update Preview" and a preview of the business card with the information you typed in will be shown on the screen. You can change the size of that preview so that you can verify that everything looks correct. If you need to make a change, just retype what you need to change and click "Update Preview" again to see a new preview. Once you have checked to verify everything is correct, add the product to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If you are a design agency or a Print Broker, you can also use Corporate Gateways for your customers. When your customer logs in. They will see your logo and not Carr Printing Co. logo. You can also have your own custom price calculators created. So your customers will go through you to order the products online and Carr Printing Co. will produce and ship the product where the customer has designated. This allows you to use Carr Printing Co. and its services with out your customer knowing where you have the products produced.

Carr Printing Co. and their new website offers many great solutions to help you and your company stand out from the crowds through full color print. Let Carr Printing Co. help make you look great on paper.

Contact Carr Printing Co. today to create your Corporate Gateway.

Phone: (801) 295-2321
Fax: (801) 295-5489
Address: 580 West 100 North • Bountiful, Utah 84011